The company

Touchstone Snail Technologies Limited is a Cyprus company specializing in snail breeding.  The research and development department of Touchstone Snails has generated the innovative curtain breeding method, which radically transformed and upgraded the snail-breeding techniques worldwide. In fact, from a snail breeding unit of 1000m2 that uses the Curtain Method and by implementing Touchstone’s know-how a breeder can have an approximate production of 26,000 kilos of snails.

Mr. Evangelos Evangelou, the founder and the Chief Executive Officer of the Company, has been specializing in the trading and breeding of snails as well as in the provision of relevant consulting services for more than 15 years.

The business activities of the company include the provision of consulting services for the construction and the management of snail breeding units using the curtain method while supervising the different stages of the production cycle.

Touchstone Snail Technologies Limited, by applying a strategy aimed to achieve the maximum customer service and satisfaction, applies from 2017 a Management System as per:

EN ISO 9001:2015. Consulting Services for the Construction and the Management of Snail Breeding Units and the Trading of Snails 
(Certificate Registration No.: 0217386063090) &

EN ISO 22000:2018. Snail Farming, Processing, Packaging and Distribution.  (Certificate Registration No.: 021775063090).

These certifications were conducted in accordance with the international body TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS.

Touchstone is also involved in the purchase of the annual production of Helix Aspersa Muller achieved in the snail breeding units of its breeders and in the sale and the export of the snails. The company also offers training to individuals and organized groups who want to learn more about the snail breeding and to gain personal working experiences in snail’s farming. The training takes place at Touchstone’s snail breeding units with a total surface area of 5.000m2, in Troulloi village, in Larnaca, Cyprus.

Through its long experience of more than 15 years and through a high-level of academic knowledge, Touchstone Snail Technologies Ltd provides integrated services to those wishing to invest in a Franchise Business opportunity through Touchstone`s profitable snail breeding business. The Company utilizes the experience and the academic background of its staff, as well as its extensive know-how in providing specialized integrated consulting services, after-sales services and support to those looking for the best Franchise to own.

Currently, the Company provides its services to many European and non European countries.

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