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Integrated snail farming training programs
for the management and operation of a snail breeding unit
with the Curtain Method.

Training Programs

Touchstone Snails ISO Certificates EN ISO 9001:2015 & EN ISO 22000:2018

Vision and Mission

The training center of Touchstone Snails aims to become a leading educational and research institution in the European and international educational center, providing training courses on snail breeding.Our mission is to offer to the trainees specialized programs in all the fields of the snail breeding, in order to enable them to immediately apply their newly acquired knowledge in their daily work, to create and successfully manage their own snail breeding units and to use the provisioned titles that they will gain from the training course as an asset for their career advancement.

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Touchstone Snails – The Curtain Method

After a lot of research and after a long working experience Touchstone Snails has developed an innovative snail breeding method, the Curtain Breeding Method.

The use of the curtain method has many undoubtful advantages. With the system that the company has developed and with the know-how of Touchstone Snails a snail breeder can have from one snail breeding unit of 1000m2 five times more production than any other breeding method currently available.With the know-how of Touchstone Snails you will have in one snail breeding unit of 1000m2 using the curtain method, an annual production of about 26,000 kg.

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Training Programs

Touchstone Snails after 15 years of experience is offering three different training programs for those who wish to be trained in the Snail breeding and in the production cycle of the snails.The  educational training takes place at the snail breeding units of Touchstone Snails with a total surface area of 5000m2 ,in Troulloi village, in Larnaca, Cyprus and at the offices of Touchstone Snails in Larnaca, Cyprus.

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Service Center

Our Service center is committed to provide quality services and useful information. Assistance is provided to matters such as for obtaining visas, assistance for transportation and accommodation issues, about the feeding and general assistance to anything that a trainee may need during his/her visit in Cyprus and during the education course

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