Curtain Method

Touchstone Snails innovates again by presenting a new innovative snail breeding method.

The snail breeding is a profitable business. Secure investment, stable return!

Even though the economic situation has shrunk many working positions and the labour market has been negatively influenced by world crisis, opportunities for successful investment and profitable business still exist. Touchstone Snails gives the solution for those looking for steady income. Invest in snail breeding!

Touchstone Snails through its long working experience and a high level of academic knowledge, provides integrated services to those wishing to invest in the snail breeding. The company has a team of competent and experienced staff that with frequently visits to your snail breeding units will guide you to operate properly and smoothly your snail breeding units.Touchstone Snail Technologies Limited not only undertakes to assist you with the construction of the snail breeding unit and its placement on the ground but will assist you during the most difficult task, the fattening stage.

Touchstone Snail Technologies Limited offers to buy all the annual production achieved in each snail breeding unit for the best market price.

The use of the curtain method in a snail breeding unit has numerous advantages attributing to the better management of the snail breeding and to the better sanitation facilities. The curtain method allows the snail’s excrements to instantly fall to the ground. In view of this, the snail’s environment remains constantly clean and there is always good ventilation which prevents the spreading of diseases.

A very important fact is that the curtain method does not affect the snail’s life cycle. The snail does not need to be in a horizontal position. The snail can move, mate and sleep in a vertical position just as comfortable as with the horizontal position and even perform these everyday activities upside down.


With the use of the curtain method, the snail breeders always have a visibility of the snails’ lifecycle (mating, birth, and hatching) without having the need to bend down and to lift the pallets in order to get a better view of them, as the snails are always in plain sight. In this way, the breeders can carry out their daily breeding activities, tasks and inspections easily and efficiently. At any time the breeder has a clear view as to stage of the mating, the laying and the growth. the curtain breeding method simplifies the harvesting of snails because the breeder does not need to bend as it is needed in a snail breeding unit with the use of pallets.

Also, the dead snails which must be removed on a daily basis are more easily identified with the curtain method. The Breeder can remove the dead snails, ensuring that the snail breeding unit remains clean and germ-free.

Through our experience we can confirm that the curtain method has many undoubtful advantages. This method optimizes snail unit hygiene and makes the breeder’s everyday tasks and inspections less time-consuming and more efficient.

The investment cost of the curtain method is relatively higher in comparison to other methods of snail breeding. However, a snail breeding unit using the curtain method requires much less space since the snail breeding unit expands vertically and not horizontally. In fact, 1 (one) snail breeding unit of 1000m2 that uses the curtain method yields the same production with 5 (five) snail breeding units using the traditional method. Consequently, the extra capital is repaid much faster.

With the know-how of Touchstone Snail Technologies Limited you will have in one snail breeding unit of 1000m2 using the curtain method, an annual production of about 26,000 kg. 


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